Our project

Support the construction of a multi-purpose hall with a musical focus, dedicated to meditation, peace and non-violence!


Our project


This year, build a spherical case in the heart of our Park!

In this historical moment of great global change, where disillusionment, violence and nonsense reign, the Parks for Study and Reflection play a fundamental role for human beings and their future.

La Salle, with its dome that hugs the sky, allows everyone to find silence, to relax and to simply be in contact with themselves.

Thanks to its luminous and empty sphere, this pavilion favours access to the deep inner experience, helps to concentrate energy and contact with the sacred within each person.

It is also a multi-purpose hall, open to all. Its exceptional acoustics offer a unique experience for musical expression. It will welcome visitors in all their diversity and uniqueness.

It is also a space for those seeking to connect with the best in themselves and find inspiration for the construction of a new society based on equality for all and non-violence. A place of gathering and learning where people from different backgrounds and spiritualities can seek mutual understanding in a space inviting calm and peace.

Thus, for its realisation, the help of the greatest number of people is indispensable.

Origin of the project

For 10 years, we have created a space dedicated to study, reflection and encounters: The Parc LA BELLE IDEE, located in Bassevelle (77), 1 hour from Paris.

The Parks are meeting places and places where a new spirituality can radiate, one that rejects all forms of violence and discrimination and that calls upon the sacred dimension of the human mind to find meaning and freedom.

All human beings, whatever their beliefs, can participate in this path of experience.

What will the money collected be used for?

We already have a Work Centre where different meetings, seminars and workshops are held and the Study Centre where members of the School study. This magnificent Park which invites inspiration is already open to all: the gate marks the entrance to this protected space, the monolith evokes elevation, the fountain is an invitation to recharge one’s batteries… Now we are going to build a space dedicated to artistic expression, meditation and encounter: the Spherical Room.

Our team

Our Park is part of an international project with 52 Parks around the world. We unite around the values of humanism and active non-violence. We come from different European countries. We are about a hundred people who have made this project possible… We welcome you all.